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Welcome parents! – You’ve just landed on the ultimate destination for loving parents who want to care for their wee one’s optical and skin health!

At Dr. Fischer, we understand the importance of nourishing your baby’s skin and optimal health. As a parent, no matter if this is your first or fifth child, it can be overwhelming to know what products to use, particularly when it comes to the precious eye care of your baby. This is why we have curated a minimal line of high-quality products formulated especially for babies. We don’t wish to overwhelm you with choices; we simply create outstanding products that parents and children can love.

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Eye Care Baby Cleansing Wipes


Eye Care Baby Cleansing Wipes Twin Pack


Eye Care Baby Cleansing Wipes -6 Pack


Baby Eye Wipes and Baby Lotion


Baby Eye Wipes and Baby Bath


Your baby's eyes are their window to the world, and proper eye care is essential for healthy development. And let’s face it, babies and children can get into all sorts of messes that have the potential to impact their eye health and even eyesight. If you’ve ever had a fistful of sand lobbed at your eye, you’ll know what we’re talking about. For situations like this and many others, parents love our eye care cleansing wipes for their baby. Our eye care wipes for baby are individually wrapped, so you can easily toss a handful in the diaper bag before you head off to the park or out for a day of adventures. With these wipes, you can ensure your baby's eyes remain clean and free from irritation, allowing them to explore their surroundings with clear and happy eyes.

Bundle our wipes with baby lotion or bath wash to care for their eyes and skin health!