Eye Care Multiuse

Welcome to your era of healthy eyes and eyesight!

At Dr. Fischer, we know just how important your eyesight and overall eye health are, which means it’s not something that you want to mess around with. Your eyes are precious and irreplaceable when it comes to living your life how you want to and capturing meaningful memories. This is precisely why we have perfected a range of eye care multiuse products to best protect your eyes and overall optical wellness in a large variety of scenarios. Whether you’re looking for a product to help relieve eye stress from constantly living in a digital world, or something to help promote eye hygiene, increase visual comfort and help prevent various eye conditions , our eye care multiuse cleansing wipes is just the thing for you. Scroll on, and you’ll see!

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Eye Care Cleansing Wipes


Eye Care Cleansing Wipes -Twin Pack


Eye Care Cleansing Wipes -6 Pack


Our range of eye care cleansing wipes are multi-use and easy to toss in your pocket or bag to have access to for any type of eye care situation that may arise, no matter where you are. Our individually wrapped eye care cleansing wipes are infused with ophthalmic based solution, Chamomile plant extract and glycerin, and have no preservatives, so they are moist and gentle on your sensitive eyes and the skin surrounding them.

Taking care of your eyes has never been easier! Our soothing and hydrating eye care multi-use wipes can safely be used on eyes, eyelids, eyelashes, periocular skin (skin surrounding the eyes).