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Things you do that are harmful for your hair

Your hair is your crown!

Hair has a significant part in our total look and its appearance greatly affects our mood and self-confidence.

Hair does not just depend on genetics or the weather and is also affected by many other factors.

Learn how to keep your hair healthy and abundant

1. Hair washing: It is advisable to avoid washing your head every day. It is also best to wash in lukewarm and not very hot water.

2. Hair squeezing: Do not squeeze the wet hair tightly. Gently tighten the towel to the hair and soak up the excess water with light pats. It is also recommended to avoid aggressive combing when the hair is wet, which can lead to damage to the hair.

3. hairdo: It is recommended to avoid stretching the hair too much to the ponytail/cookies/braids/ribbon, as this will weaken the hair. If this cannot be avoided, do so gently and be sure to loosen the hair at night.

4. Hair drying: Frequent use of a hair dryer that can dry it out should be reduced. If using a dryer, do so at a reasonable temperature and not too high, from a distance of over 5 cm, and avoid direct contact with the hair itself.

5. Touching hair: You should avoid touching your hair frequently. Touching can weaken the hair and soil it.

6. Diet: Care should be taken to consume foods rich in protein and calcium, as well as foods that contain iron and vitamin B.
Recommended food for hair health: broccoli, spinach, green leaves, red meat, chicken and fish.

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